A man in uniform smiling for the camera.
A man in uniform smiling for the camera.

Keeping People Safe and Organizations Running

Having lived in New York City on 9/11, and with two boys in public schools, Wellspring Info’s CEO, Scott Cohen, is deeply committed to improving emergency response outcomes. Since 2010, Wellspring has improved thousands of emergency response plans and made those plans available via quick-reference guidebooks and apps.

Our Values

Wellspring Info is an inclusive, caring work environment. If you’re passionate about improving emergency response outcomes for corporations, schools, colleges, hospitals, arenas, stadiums, hotels, government, and places of worship, we want to hear from you.

A group of people that are standing up with hats on


Stuart Beithel Former American Red Cross Director

“Wellspring’s app ensures easy access to critical instructions, no matter what.”

Allison Rossett ASTD Board of Directors (American Society for Training & Development)

“Wellspring’s products bring the energy generated in training events to workplace actions.”

Craig Brown EHS Manager, Independent Oil and Gas

“Connecting the power of the smartphone to ERPs in such an elegant manner earns my respect.”

Roody Prato Deputy Chief, Colgate University

“Wellspring gives our staffers the right response, right in their hands.”

Dale Currier Office of Counter Terrorism/NY State Homeland Security

“People don’t need a three-inch thick emergency plan—they need quick hits in their hands, in products like yours.”